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Not in Kansas anymore!
Friday, April 28, 2006
  take that, human
  why do we have to listen to what they want?
Tuesday, February 28, 2006
  Education in America
An ode to those English Teachers I had while in college:

Remember those essays that I was writing that you were so critical about because you suddenly became a music critic?
I am sure you don't after all, you are doing your best to keep the rif-raf from graduating your fine institution!
Actually, you were getting banged by the football players in the back of the class...you know those same guys that couldn't pass the military ASVAB test!
Well, so much for your attempts at critical thinking....I am sure you are still in place screwing with the futures of aspiring people who could accomplish so much if you evil parasites weren't in their way!

Sometimes I wonder why I was not in favor of a battery of testing that our government's leader is now trying to institute.

Well, I do believe that we should be paying our country's School Teacher a comparable wage to tat of some of the world's highest paid CEO and Corporate Presidents.
Along with that wage should come a test that insures that the space occupying scumbag's get kicked to the curb just as the low lifes try to do to some of our most aspiring students!

Test the teacher's, unannounced and with supervision so that we can bust them when they try and teach those same students the test!
Let us ensure that our children get the best available to them, especially when there are so many Teachers that do care!
And like our government, we should clean the house of all those slackers who have found a place to hide while they prey on all of us and continue their bad teaching habits!
Friday, October 28, 2005
Well, more kids are going back to IRAQ

to be honest about the whole thing, something our government is avoiding, we will be there for at least another 5 or 6 years.

George Carlin put it best, or politicians are all fouled up with sexual inuendos, for instance,
A Pull Out
can't do that, at least not until we are done screwing everyone involved
of course the only people not getting screwed in this operation are those people in power in our nations capital!
The iraqis: they get blown up every time they try and stand on their own feet
just ask Hamas or the Syria
The U.S. military, they too are getting blown up
Oh and let us not forget everyone paying for thewhole thing, US!

What o what are we going to get out of this whole deal?

well, it sure isn't cheaper gas prices at the pump
  Top cheney Aide indicted and resigns
Why not go after his boss too...what he will claim ignorance of the matter, of course he will !

According to Cheney's boss (the american people), you are responsible for your cronies, I mean, hired personell!

As a matter of fact, why not get all of the criminals out of office!

White collar crime is still crime!

Just ask the convicted felons responsible for the ENRON debacle

I am sure the Karl Rove will be denying everything now that good ol' Scooter has taken the fall for what Novak put out in one of his Editorial blasts on the liberals!

Who is Karl Rove, anyway?

Somehow, I wonder if our president can say anything without Karl or Dick putting either the words in his mouth or their hand into the back of his head like the dummy he is!
Wednesday, December 17, 2003
This is the start...hopefully along with some of the others this happened to, we can get the real truth out to the real world!

Why are we really over in Iraq?

After hearing all the rumors and inuendos, I would like to add my 2 cents...

The way I hear it, we the U.S. Tax payer is spending a little over $4 billion (yes, with a B) per month in getting the Iraqi people back on their feet after invading and ousting their leadership.

Where is this money going?

After all, some of the missing money was found that was supposed to have been secreted away by their former leader. This money in turn was supposed to be filtered back into the economy over there.

What is that money being spent on?

I figure it like this, if we are spending that kind of money to maintain troop efforts while occupying that area, there has to be one hell of a pay off for those wanting us over there!

I don't remember seeing any major benifits afforded our hard working troops from any of this money....well, I guess I didn't count the KBR dining facilities...oops, my fault!

As a matter of fact, I do remember that the soldiers I was with were being charged for phone calls, unless they wanted to wait in line (sometimes for hours) to use the (less than optimal) Iridium sat phone.
I won't even go into how frustrating it is to try and use the internet from over there...(very bad and costly)

So where is this money really going?
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